While you were sleeping (timelapse)

I’m finding it difficult to get a regular time together to get out to run when it’s light. Family and work commitments always come before training during the day, and by the time work is done and the children in bed, I’m usually pretty beat.

I’ve always liked running in the dark, and so I’m getting out first thing in the morning with a head torch before breakfast. The saying goes that “champions are made in the winter” it’s certainly a challenge when it’s dipped beneath freezing overnight and you have to pull yourself out of a warm bed in to the frosty dark.

One morning, I decided that I’d leave my phone to capture a timelapse whilst I was running and it caught the day break and the clouds peeling back from Mynydd Moel.

Short runs of about 10km before work set me up nicely, I can pick hills, steady or speed work and if nothing else it’s miles on my feet.

I do enjoy my longer runs and this Sunday morning I was out the door at 0545, after 4 hours sleep for some unknown reason.bimbling off down the road to Barmouth.  Under a toe nail crescent moon peeping over the Cader massif I lost myself in the thoughts of Remembrance Sunday. I’ve always been proud of what my Granddad did in the war, and this 11/11 is the first since he died earlier this year.

I’m certain that I’ve never experienced the fear that young men like him endured and I’m grateful that those that gave and are giving their lives to provide us the freedoms that we enjoy today. The older I get the more I remember.

I crossed the railway bridge in Barmouth and ran back up the Mawddach trail on the south side of the estuary. At this time of the morning I had it all to myself apart from a huge number of Herons lurking in the low water fingers of the estuary. A great way to get a steady, flatish 30km run in.

After getting home, grabbing some breakfast, a wash and some time with the family it was time to take the dog (now too old to run) on a little explore. Such a beautfiul day wiht great colours at this time of the year!

It’s lovely just to explore around the area that I live, work and play. Nice to dip down in to river courses and spot them for what they are without a spate flow.

After this, a few little jobs needed doing, a bit of tidying up. I put away my old Sigg bottle, now pretty battle worn, but full of memories from times in the Alps, overland trips on motorbikes and other adventures. Even when it’s empty it holds so many precious things. I’m always impressed at the quality of the mobile phone camera…a bit of a play with settings pulls some great shots.




A couple of inspirational videos

After the OMM last weekend, I’m really fired up by running off tarmac.

I’ve come across a couple of videos that to me, explain the joy and freedom of why trail, mountain or off road running is such a great sport.

Whether you compete at the elite level or just with yourself, it really offers the same challenge to everyone. You don’t need hundreds of pounds worth of equipment, just the motivation and dedication to get out there. If you haven’t run for a while, then try and remember that feeling as a kid where you run without thinking about it down hills and round corners.

Take a few minutes and watch these two videos-then grab that pair of trainers that you bought with all good intentions and get out there!

The first is a round up of this years OMM, some great footage and some nice words from the top competitors.

The second video is from Salomon Trail Running, and whilst some of the voice over I don’t understand there are a couple of quotes which I think are really powerful. The best for me is right at the end!