Antibiotics *bleurgh*

The night after my last blog was pretty rough. 

Vomiting, collapsing, waking up in pools of sweat. It hurt. Lots. 

Turns out I’d picked up a bacterial infection from some stagnant water I’d been working in. I knew there was a risk. Most canoeists do. But I risked it, and got ill. 

Some pretty strong anitbiotics and a fortnight of being felt like I was hit like a bus and the recovery started.

My short term running aim was to hit a target time at Trail Marathon Wales (TMW). Whilst everyone else has been doing their “last long run” and starting their taper, I’ve been trying to get out of bed and do a days work. 

The last few days I’ve managed to do a couple of runs. They’ve left me feeling tired, but I’m pretty happy I’ll be on the start line. I’ve used the time to do some mental preparation. After adopting Stuart Mills approach of total preparation, I realised that when I’m physically broken there are still things I can be doing that will help with physical performance.

*If* I can finish TMW in under 4 hours I will hit my goal since the day after last years. It’s a big ask given the last few weeks, but I actually think I’ve done the right preparation. As long as I can make it round, I actually think I’m physically prepared.

Time will tell. 

One really special moment for me, last weekend, was running with my daughter for the first time on a trail run. I was incredibly proud of her as she ran the hills, up and down and didn’t stop at all. Very, very cool to see her smiling, pushing and enjoying something that I have no expectation of her to follow me into.


Trail Running with Ciara
Trail Running with Ciara

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