Long day done! Ash’s fourth day report…

Hi, hope all is good with you. Long day done. It was epic. I rolled my ankle at CP2, so have a very sore walk this morning after 60km on it. It also means I have a lot of blisters. I didn’t manage to finish the same day, but it was close!  Amazing seeing top UK runner, Danny Kendal, fly by between CP3&4. Bivouac today is full of walking wounded, people still coming in until 7pm tonight. More people retired on the first two days than in most years. We’re all hoping everyone comes in. All my tent mates made it in. Just one more racing day – the marathon stage, then the charity day. I think its going to be tough with my aches and pains. I’m off to Doc Trotters tonight to have an abscess in my thigh drained and packed and my ankle strapped. Amazing service. Today is all about recovery, tomorrow is about finishing and getting our medals. The final stage isn’t timed so we’ll walk it as a tent, Ddraig Goch will be flying both tomorrow and Saturday. Looking forward to some cold welsh water! Love, Ash.

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  1. Well done Ash, through all the pain – thinking of you here in Sligo and send you every good wish we can think of. Enjoy your sleep tonight. A

  2. Well done Ash, Jay says she is thinking of you all the time. We all hope you have a good day tomorrow and the blisters heal quickly.
    Jay, Jen & Rog

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