Success :-)

Hello hello! DONE IT. Got the medal after another really tough day. Turns out a full marathon after 200km in 5 days before is really hard on your body…Got it done though, no special time, don’t know my classification yet. But whilst I want to know, it doesn’t matter as much as getting it done. There should be webcam of me crossing the line with the Ddraig Goch. I’ve just had an hour and a quarter with Doc Trotters sorting my feet out (ish) for tomorrows 7.7km amble. We’re taking it real slow. Then a 4 hour bus journey… to a shower, and shave, and something to drink that isn’t tepid water… I want Fanta, cold Fanta. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way and sent messages. We’re all really amazed and emotional about how many people this race touches. I’ll write more about it all next week – need food!

Love Ash xx

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