Ash’s first day – progress report

Hi, Michaela here relaying Ash’s progress report from the first day of his Marathon des Sable. Be aware that he is only allowed to send one email a day, and that email has a 1000 character limit! He is however allowed to receive emails via the official MdS website, and I’m sure he’d appreciate your encouragement, so please feel free to write to him.


Yesterday technical checks all good. 6 tent mates so a bit of extra space. Today very hard 18km in Morocco biggest dunes and very hot. A few aches and pains, and the running was very tiring. Will see how I recover overnight. No serious blisters yet at all. Felt today that I should stop chasing a time/position. It really was a tough 33km took just under 6 hours and I was hoping for 4.5ish. But we’re all in the same conditions. Tomorrow is 1km short of a full marathon, but the road book shows less big dunes. One foot in front of the other! Amazing organisation – the logistics are immense. Just love being back in the Sahara, motorbikes and camels today, but lots of amazing views all round, even took pictures whilst shuffling along, nice way to get the heart rate down in the heat. Didn’t run out of water today, but tomorrow will be much tighter. It’s 1700 now and time to get some dehydrated food down me, some stretches and some sleep. Onward! Love Ash. xx

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  1. hi Ashley ,enjoy the cool starry nights & fill up on cool deep breaths to fuel the heat of tomorrow! wow your on the ede of one massive expanse of sand and sky!

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