Ash’s report – Day 2

Second message from Ash below – please do write to him at – his number is 542 and I know he’ll appreciate each and every email. Thanks, Michaela


Hiya, recovered well overnight – yummy sweet and sour chicken last night. After that I got my emails.. thank you Ciara, Nigel, Gaye and Debbie. A great pick me up. I didn’t sleep too well, one tent mate was up sewing until 2am and with yesterday being the hardest first day ever there was a lot of commotion in the bivouac. Today was hot again but a wind that helped cool water poured over my head. I found a better way to carry 3l of water so that worked better. I struggled with food today so was pretty beaten for the last couple of hours. Got in and ate recovery powder and legs up for golden hour. Feel better now. First trip to Doc Trotters today. I kicked a stone yesterday and had a blood blister right under a toenail. I’ll lose the nail, it’s been drained and the iodine is making it throb right now. Tomorrow is going to be hard with lots of soft sand. We’re all holding back for the “big one”. All in all feeling pretty good at the moment, just worried about nutrition for 80km. Love, A xx

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