Day 3 – Report from Ash

Hi, today started well, a really nice run into some dunettes. First reasonable running so far. A fantastic 300m climb up rock was stunning. Felt pretty good until cp2 then my wheels came off big time. A big dried lake. Really really hot – 52c. I couldn’t find a rhythm even though everything should have been easy. I struggled to get food in for an hour and a half and really felt it. Walked to the finish and have planned to walk the big day tomorrow….80km is going to be about managing my body. I think 20hrs would be a real achievement, so finishing about 3am. No emails tomorrow. Had a toenail drilled this evening – iodine burns under the nail bed. Going to have double the calories tonight and try to enjoy tomorrow. The rest of the tent are doing well. Tent #96 is still all intact though Artur’s feet are mashed. Phil is about 120th, Dave is coming in strongly and Andrew is flying round. Linda and Rachel are doing really well, though Rachel suffered nosebleeds today. Hope all are well Love, Ash

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  1. wow going great style; keep strong; keep in the moment;keep breathing ; keep moving ! simples! but get some sleep 1st

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