Not quite a full thought

The Rhinogs in the distance
The Rhinogs in the distance

Today I stood on a very pretty crossroads and watched 505 people run Winter Trail Wales. This is a brilliant trail half marathon  in Coed y Brenin.

As I stood there watching people racing, and achieving goals it really let me think a little bit more about running for me.


And this is how I thought – in 2015, I ran for 224 hours. 8 hrs and 13 minutes of that was race time.


Night time turn round on Mynydd Moel
Night time turn round on Mynydd Moel

Now, I really enjoyed my races last year, there were some bits of really important achievement, but I ran for nearly 30 times longer than I raced. And my training last year, whilst I did it, I didn’t love it.

So here’s my not-quite-finished-thought. Where should my focus be, on the  hours that I run in training, or on the events. And why are events important to me.

If you run, or train for something, does your event time, or the feeling you get from the event compensate or give a reason for the time and effort in training?

And the importance of these pictures? Well it is a reminder to me that instead of the stress, and anxiety of lining up on a start line, at a given time, to compare myself to a previous time, or to some other runners there is a deep sense of satisfaction of journeying in wild places, on foot. Challenging myself in a way that feels right for where I am on that given day.

I know I need to focus on the good times between a few events, rather than the events themselves, for now at least!

So, maybe I’ll go gentle on myself, or maybe I’ll get cabin fever and need an event to push my training. Can’t be sure, it’s not quite a full thought yet.

Rhobell Fawr
Rhobell Fawr

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  1. One of the best pieces of advice I was given about training was "go out, and if you aren’t enjoying yourself in 10 minutes time, come back" invariably within 10 minutes I was glad that I got out, and I was way too stubborn to turn back anyway.

    On a personal level, I generally enjoy my training, but even so, if I don’t have an event to focus on, then I struggle to get motivated to go out.

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