3/26 2012 in 2012 and One Great George Street

Been a bit of a battle getting 63.9 miles in the last fortnight. Work has been keeping long hours, and my cousins weding-which was brilliant meant swapping a few dates around for long runs. I really don’t want to pick up an injury at the moment so I dropped my daily miles as I hadn’t the chance of getting a rest day in for 8 days.

Pretty happy to be 288.1 miles year to date 56 miles ahead of target. Hoping the weather will warm up a bit and that I can start banging in lots of bike miles too.

I feel pretty confident that the volume of training going in is having descent results and I think my head game is getting stronger all the time too.

My cousin got married this weekend. The wedding was beautiful, and I’m sure Mr and Mrs Cole will be very happy. The venue  was stunning – One Great George Street which is the HQ for the Institue of Chartered Engineers.  It was cool to have a look around at some of the displays, and to learn that Isambard Kngdom Brunel was the son of an Engineer who was fairly talented in his own right. I’m guessing he had pretty high hopes of his Son, having Kingdom in your name must pile the pressure on.

The ceilings all had massively different styles, vaulted, painted, fresco and panneled. I particularly liked the one with great British designs on it with a (I think) Sopwith Camel in it.

A contrast of Engineering design to all the traditional was staying in the shadow of the Wembley Stadium and the arch which is the longest single span roof staructure in the world.

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