A couple of inspirational videos

After the OMM last weekend, I’m really fired up by running off tarmac.

I’ve come across a couple of videos that to me, explain the joy and freedom of why trail, mountain or off road running is such a great sport.

Whether you compete at the elite level or just with yourself, it really offers the same challenge to everyone. You don’t need hundreds of pounds worth of equipment, just the motivation and dedication to get out there. If you haven’t run for a while, then try and remember that feeling as a kid where you run without thinking about it down hills and round corners.

Take a few minutes and watch these two videos-then grab that pair of trainers that you bought with all good intentions and get out there!

The first is a round up of this years OMM, some great footage and some nice words from the top competitors.

The second video is from Salomon Trail Running, and whilst some of the voice over I don’t understand there are a couple of quotes which I think are really powerful. The best for me is right at the end!


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