Another silly injury!

I can't help but get excited by the snow-a couple of photo's from Coed y Brenin to start.

Not sure what's caused it, but I've got shin splints.

Well that's a lie, I know what caused it-too much running on tarmac! I'd been getting lazy in exploring new places off road. That'll learn me!

I'd felt really good about my training, getting some good miles in, and then the weekend before last I had a dull ache on my shin, just above my ankle. So, I eased back on pounding the pavement and rested for five days. No aches at all. Then over this weekend I couldn't resist a run in the hills with all the snow. It's not a pain I feel, but an ache and after 15km it was there niggling away at me. The scenery is beautiful, even before the sun was up-so much ambient light. Apart from picking out the big icy patches no head torch was needed.

Up on Bwlch y Goriwared (400m)the dirfts were over head high, so I stopped as the sun was rising to take a photo. Not a great picture from a moile phone but not too bad!

Anyway back to this silly injury. Nothing to do but rest it from the impact. I'll get it better. Just annoying when everything was going so well!

Worse still is the “other option” for long cardio work is really hill sessions on a bike. When it's icy it really is hard yards to get the miles in. I'm sure I'll get on it though.

Just to toughen up a bit I thought I'd get on the rowing machine, which is great cardio and resistance training. I always target 8000m in 30 minutes if I'm not doing Tabata or Fartlek.

I followed that with a bit of Pavel Tsatsouline style, comrade toughness, take your MTFU juice and get some snatches done. I do love kettlebells!

Who said it was cold out?

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