Back to the bike!

Well, I thought I was back on track. But another twisted ankle on an icy early morning run put me back on the bike.

Just to do something different, I decided to go and do the classic loop of Snowdon. It was recommended to me more than a year ago, and I really wanted to ride in better conditions.

I parked near Beddgelert and wished I’d arrived half an hour later. It was pretty overcast and the sun was struggling to show it’s light. That and a really heavy rain shower didn’t help. A nice flat, spin into Beddgelert put a bit of heat in the legs before a gentle climb up towards Cwellyn. This passed and Rhyd Ddu and Waun fawr zipped by. The clouds were more broken out on the North side of Snowdon so the glasses went on, and the jacket unzipped a bit. Then the climb up to Pen y Pass. Definitely felt the lactic building towards the top of the climb. Over the pass and then the roller coasted back down to the van. The descent was quick, but really slippy so I didn’t commit to much. I’d like to go back when I could trust the tyres. Back through Nany Gwynant and back to the van. I’d targeted 1:45, but had to settle with 2 minutes over. I’ll call todays ride a sighting lap!

Looking forward to getting my running legs back under me. Too many road miles makes me run like a duck!

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