Human powered miles for January

So sitting here on the 2nd of February, a mild fever making everything a bit foggy it’s time to look at January’s good and bad bits.

My long target for 2013.

Drop weight ready for Marathon des Sable.
2013 human powered miles
Some ultra runs (longer than marathon)

Weight- I love my food, I love my knees more. My target is to get under 80kgs from 90kg at the start of the year.

5kg gone in January, just by watching what I’m eating and staying motivated.

2013 miles needs shifting around for me as I work in km. The target each month is 268km. Despite hitting a glitch with lower leg injuries around the 12th I still managed to log 304km.

178km run, 79km cycled and 47km rowed.

Quite happy with that.

Ultra’s? 1st January was my first. Will skip one in Feb and get this leg healed.

Lots to be getting on with in preparation for a race more than a year away!

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