Injury, opportunity and 4/26

A bit of a disappointing week, my training has been going really well, until Tuesday. I’d been suffering with tight calves for a while, but thought that massaging and stretching was keeping on top of it. On Tuesday night run, I thought it was warm enough for shorts, don’t know whether it made a difference or not. I’d been out for about an hour when I finish with a little 100m height gain climb to finish before warming down. About two thirds of the way up this, I ended up with a real tightness in my calf which ended up being pain by the time I got home.

After a good massage, icing and compression the following day the pain was still enough to knock training on the head for the week. My 4th fortnight on 2012 miles in 2012 ended up being only 9 days training. I still managed to log 85.3 miles but I’m pretty dispirited with my training for Trail Marathon Wales. I know it’ll come back, quickly, but I hate being injured. Little bruises of honour under toe nails I don’t mind, but good reasons not to train I do.

Katie turned 2 on the 23rd, we had a party the Saturday before, and her Birthday was a pretty low key affair. Just presents and cards on the day. Michaela is sewing hard to make a rag quilt for her, turns out to be quite a few more seams than you’d first think.

Without training it has meant more time to do slow things, playing with apertures with Ciara so she can spell her name with a torch, leisurely family trips to Whittington Castle (a bit of an anti-climax apart from the doves!) and some hill trips that my dog, Casey (now nearly 12) can enjoy. I miss Casey on my long hill runs, as a younger dog she’d be bounding along all day, now 5-6 hill miles makes her sleep all day. I guess we’re all the same.

One of the most exciting messages I got this week was from a potential equipment sponsor who are fairly positive about supporting me through to the Marathon des Sable. I can’t say any more at the moment, but their support would make an enormous difference!

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