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Marathon des Sables 2014

Track log of Marathon des Sables 2014 Track log of Marathon des Sables 2014

When I was preparing for the 2014 event, I really tried to read others experiences to help make some informed choices – I hope that the information on this page puts things into one place. The pretty pictures are at the bottom.

The summary from before the Marathon des Sable (MdS) looked like this:

  • The MdS is a six day race
  • There is one rest day
  • The distance is about 156 Miles. That’s 254 Km.
  • The longest stage is about 55 miles. That’s 91 Km.
  • Apart from 9 litres of water a day, everything that is needed for the race (food, bed kit, etc) had to be carried and cross the starting line with me.

I’ve put my experience of Marathon des Sables together on this website, to make it easier to get the information you want, I have put the links and experiences beneath.

Using this search box beneath for “#marathon des sables” should get you most of the content I’ve written, including the 1000 character updates directly from the desert. I’m more than happy to be contacted and answer any questions if you’re heading out to the event

It is really just a big disco in the desert…

The UK website for Marathon des Sable is here.

I’m not a natural distance runner, being quite large, and this added to the whole challenge.

I ran to raise money for Myfanwy Townsend Melanoma Research Fund read my page about their aims here.