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What an exciting couple of weeks; work is busy busy, home is frantic too. A reasonably grotty, snotty cold has stopped me from running heaps, but I’m feeling back to a point where I can go out and run the cold off.

I’m really excited to see an actual physical copy of Pete Bursnall’s 2nd Edition of Mountain Bike Guide-North Wales. It’s a great legacy though one heavily shadowed with sadness. That said, it’s time that proper Mountain Biking was back on the agenda, trail riding from centres is great fun, but nothing competes, in my opinion, with a good ride out over the mountains. Pete was such a great advocate for the Welsh countryside, I hope this inspires more people to explore their OS map.

My main bit of exciting news comes from a chance discussion with Steve Raven at Shotz Sports Nutrition at Trail Marathon Wales this year. It turns out a lot of the staff at ShotzUK are paddlers and I’m really hopeful that in my day job with Canoe Wales we’re going to build a strong partnership.

For me though, the excitiement is that Shotz have come on board to support my Marathon des Sable campaign in 2014. Sports nutrition is going to be important for me, especially in the heat. As we sweat we all lose vital electrolytes that rapidly impact the bodies ability to keep up a high work rate. Little fizzy tablets can be dropped into water, and this disolves to put vital bits back into our system. Water is great, but if you’re sweating at all on a 5k run or in the gym, then getting these electrolytes back stops cramps and also helps the body recover quicker.

I’m going to be running the Helly Hansen “Beauty and the Beast” trail marathon on the 22nd of September and I’ll be using the Shotz Energy Gel and Shotz Electrolyte to fuel me round. I wrote a while back about finding my wall and I’m now convinced that having an energy gel every 45 minutes and some electrolyte every 20 minutes keeps fatigue at bay for a lot longer.

This translates to energy gel every 6 miles, so as the Beauty and the Beast is laps I’m going to take a get every lap. I’ll post a full write up on the race and the Shotz after the weekend.

You can have a read about Shotz at their website

Can’t say thank you enough for their confidence in me and the support to get this race done.

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