Sweat, no tears

A week of rest and rehab has paid off. After following advice from Matt I’m back on the low impact cardio.

After 10 very frustrating days before talking to a physio, perhaps there is some science I should get to know.

The foam roller is definitely still breaking down some weird muscle damage in my right calf, but stretches are definitely looser than 3 weeks ago.

The rowing machine is absolutely not my favourite way if getting a sweat on. The sound the fan makes reminds me of the 3 hour sessions I did prior to rowing a little boat from Lands End up to Wales. But, it feels so nice to extend my lungs. I know I’m supposed to ease into it but that little voice on my shoulder doesn’t like slacking -8017m in 30 mins. The yoof would say “boom”, I think.

I’m sure the family are chuffed to have reeking kit back in the wash bin!

I still want to be running the hills above the inversions we’ve been having in Meirionydd since Saturday, but I can beat that little voice, at least for now.

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  1. as long as it’s hippie tea, i’m right with you, without the telly. Yoga would be great if I didn’t have to travel so flipping far-joys of rural living.

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