Guinness Beer Can Stove – make your own

Lightweight Beer Can Stove
Lightweight Beer Can Stove

I’d seen an American blog post about lightweight camping stoves made out of a beer can, so thought I’d have a go myself.

By cutting down a beer can it possible to get the methylated spirits to be drawn up the gap between the “top” and “bottom” bit of the can.

This means that you have a very lightweight (12g) stove that fits inside a normal metal camping mug. As long as the can is on a stable base then the whole thing is very stable.

It would need to be used in very sheltered conditions but, would make an excellent lightweight backpacking stove for the summer months where boiling water is the only requirement.

This (Mk I) stove boiled 300ml of water in around 10 minutes, using about 15ml of meths in that time.

Here’s a video of how I made it, make your own!

Beer can stove from Ashley Charlwood on Vimeo.