1/26 of 2012 in 2012

I’ve decided to update my 2012 in 2012 blog fortnightly-none of my training at the moment is in the daylight so it seems silly to just put an endless pile of stats up without any nice pictures.

As long as I’m staying ahead of my required average at this time of year I’m pretty happy-this fortnight gone has been generally pretty mild, wet, windy. There are already some Dafodills out, but the crispness of this mornings early run was great. Having slipped a bit in some ice on a road section of run I’d relaxed as I went down some trail. Whilst watching the IInternational Space Station loop across Cader Idris, though, I made a classic school boy error and slipped one ankle down a cattle grid in the dark. Only a bruise though.

The last few days with a really bright moon and a clear sky have meant gloves on, but head torch off.

Generally I’m trying to run in the evening to fit in better with the family, but I’m definitely a morning-is-better kind of guy. Saturday are my long runs so I still try and roll out of bed before 6am, then I’m back for a family brekkie.

Any way 1st fortnight of 2012 I’ve managed to add 119.3 miles to my diary which puts me comfortably on target so far. Happy with that. The coming week has a quite a bit of travelling at work so I hope to stay on it.

I’m trying to be a bit better with the camera too so here’s a few shots out and about in the same fortnight (but not part of any training)