Running from 2014

As the year changed Facebook got full of my year in review posts. I hope most peoples lives are more full than their social media feed! As this is mainly a running blog, looking back I can’t do justice to all the experiences that running has given me in 2014. Marathon des Sables, Trail Marathon Wales, Wye one Way and OMM all taught me lots of different lessons. Critically they’ve left me with a lot of friends and memories that will last far in to my life.

Looking forward this year, running wise I am entered for Winter Trail Wales, Hope 24, Trail Marathon Wales and Ring o Fire . Whilst not entered yet, I’m sure the OMM will make an appearance too. Personal targets rather than podiums are the aim, though I’m already planning something special for 2016.

For those interested in statistics, Strava produce a little summary video that highlights some of the numbers. However, numbers don’t tell the story of 2014, certainly don’t describe some of the feelings and experiences I’ve had and those things that will motivate me for 2015.

As with every year, I wish I’d taken more pictures, but here are some of my favourites from 2014.

Have a great 2015, see you on the trail!

Aarn Marathon Magic and Marathon des Sables race number

I was contacted by Ong Yu-Phing about the Aarn Marathon Magic 33 and how to fit the race number for Marathon des Sables 2015 in the right place. The numbers are about 180mm x 160mm so I would cut one out of a piece of cardboard and play around getting the right way of getting it attached.

I’m really envious of Yu-Phing heading out next year – pulling my pack back on just made me want to go run in the desert again!!

Yu-Phing also asked whether I would go for the smaller size, the 22. I probably could if I was happy strapping things on the outside to begin with. And whilst the 33 is about 350g heavier and so harder to head towards the magic 6.5kg (before adding water and flare) I think I could justify the extra stability of having everything inside the pack on the start line of stage 1.

Very best of luck for 2015 Yu-Phing – its an amazing experience!

Any way, here is the video explaining what I did and what I’d do differently…

Aarn Mountain Magic 33 and Marathon des Sables race number from Ashley Charlwood on Vimeo.