Hill Training and Strava KOM

I love travelling around the hills of Dolgellau and this morning was on the road bike again. A new route, with a climb I haven’t done before on skinny tyres. As you’ll see on the video, I had Strava in mind, but specifically one descent segment. It’s great when you come home and nab 3 KOM’s, 1 in ascent and 2 in descent. I also know on a dry day I can take a bit more out of the nasty climb!

Strava makes the solo training feel like a real achievement. Though this isn’t good if you’re competitive and can’t get rid of the devil on your shoulder-be careful out there! 

Sheep on the road

With a sore right ankle, time riding is what I can do. It gives me some really good thinking time to keep planning Marathon des Sables and keep my mind sharp. 

Back to Pont y Grible

Last week as I rode out across the moors, it was a spectacular day. From the weather forecast it looked like this morning would be lucky again.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t perfect, but I managed to capture a few bits of video.

I’m new to Vimeo and GoPro and need to work on my compression settings but apart from the quality at speed I quite like the effect.

Hope you enjoy.